DIY Video festival at UCLA and Kansas State

Mimi Ito sez,

The State of the Art of DIY Video is a feature-length program of the best from the world of do-it-yourself video. The screening will feature the latest in online, geek, remix, and fan culture, curated to highlight the most recent trends and techniques emerging from anime music videos, political remixes, fan vids, videoblogs, and the YouTube scene. Organized by Steve Anderson, Hollly Willis, and Mimi Ito at the University of Southern California's Institute for Multimedia Literacy, curators include Matteo Bittanti, Francesca Coppa, Sasha Costanza-Chock, Ryanne Hodson, Jonathan McIntosh, Tim Park and Mike Wesch.

In LA, the screening At Kansas State, also at 7pm, YouTube ethnographer and video maker Mike Wesch is hosting a parallel screening.
Future screenings planned in San Francisco and other locations.

24/7 2010: The State of the Art in DIY Video returns!
(Thanks, Mimi!)