ElfQuest fan-film blessed by the Pinis

A group of ElfQuest fans with a good track-record for producing excellent web-videos have secured Elfquest creators Richard and Wendy Pini's permission to produce a fan-film based on the series. The movie is to be crowdfunded (they need $5,000) and the Pinis are donating original art and personal phone calls as premiums to spendy donors.

Rhodes reached out to Richard Pini via Facebook to get his blessing on the project, and while the Pinis have always been open to fan-created projects, Rhodes and Thorpe's proposal struck them as something special.

"It sounded so incredibly wonderful and exciting, especially when we saw what they'd already done," Pini said via phone. "This is the most professional, enthusiastic bunch of folks who have ever approached us; they've already demonstrated that they know how to make web video and get people excited about watching it. It's a first for us and a first for ElfQuest, and we knew that we wanted to take advantage."

Creator-Blessed ElfQuest Fan Film Crowdsources Funds

ElfQuest Fan Film on IndieGoGo

(Thanks, Tavie, via Submitterator!)