Fired from job by colored light

Almostwitty says, "Employees of a UK mobile phone company were called into a meeting and shown a light - red meant redundant, yellow meant you had to re-apply for your job, and blue meant you're safe."

All 16,000 employees of Everything Everywhere, the mobile phone company created by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, were told last month whether or not their jobs were safe at mass meetings across the country.

Up to 1,200 middle managers and back office staff who could lose their jobs by the end of the Christmas holidays were shown a red light and told they were "at risk". Other staff saw the light go yellow, which meant they must re-apply for their existing job.

About 1,200 UK Orange and T-Mobile staff have been informed of their looming redundancy in public via a "traffic light" color code system, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.