HOWTO make a HTML5 webcam photo-booth

Nicko from Sunlight Labs sez, "Sunlight Labs recently held an open house to bring members of the technology and transparency communities together over videogames and beer. Our systems administrator, Tim Ball, volunteered to create a photo booth for the event. A few days before the event Tim destroyed his arm in a terrible, unfortunate accident, nearly dashing our hopes for a photo booth. We had to honor Tim's memory (he's still alive) so rather than using an off-the-shelf photo booth software package, we hacked it up from scratch using Python, CSS3, WebSockets, and an iMac.

The result was a simple UI, a quick upload to our Flickr account and an easy way to share on screens at the party using an Apple TV."

Sunlight's (Mostly) Web-based Photo Booth

(Thanks, Nicko!)