Onion Bag Scrubbing Hack


Everyone knows that the worst part about baking bread is having to clean up the sticky floury mess from counter tops, bowls, and utensils. The gluey mass refuses to come out of sponges, and gums up anything it touches.

I always dreaded the prospect of trying to get the gunk of sticky flour or melted cheese out of a sponge or brush until I recently discovered a solution in the form of the netting that onions and other vegetables come packaged in. By cutting up the stiff netting bags from packaging into about 6" squares you can make reusable super scrubbing tools. A few bags will produce more than you'll need. Now when you're finished scrubbing you can toss or recycle the used netting (make sure to rinse off the gunk first) and marvel at your flour and cheese free sponges.

Note: As an avid fan of the previously reviewed No Knead Bread I can attest to the simple brilliance of this cleaning hack. No more ruined sponges! –OH

— Pen Duby

Onion bags


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