Snapshot: Die Antwoord trufans, Los Angeles, Oct. 17, 2010

Jen and Bruce, Die Antwoord trufans, at last night's show in Los Angeles at The Music Box. The show was fierce, and so were the fans. I didn't get any good snaps of all the people wearing fake animals on their heads, in homemade ode to Yo-Landi's Evil Boy video "coat of rats," but holy cats: so many furries! Thanks to all the Boing Boing readers who said hi, too—what a super fun night that was. And if you're the guy I inadvertently gave a black eye to while moshing: ewps, yo.

New album's here. Tour date list is here. Seriously, if you're in any of these cities, you have to go see this band live. Such a phenomenal live show. Also: They'll be performing on Jimmy Kimmel this Wednesday, Oct. 20.