Fan-made Blade Runner chess-set

Andy sez,

Rick Ross, A long time fan who had made items in homage to Blade Runner before, has been working on a chess set and table in the style of the one that was owned by J.F Sebastian in the film for the past 2 years. Recently he completed a crate for the set that is also in the spirit of the film. One of Rick's prototype sets also was purchased by Adam Savage last spring.

It is an amazing work of art since all the chess pieces were sculpted from scratch by Rick based on HD screen captures of the film, and a poor copy of the set sold in the UK. Interestingly I later found an original copy of the chess set myself after years of searching, but not until after Rick had finished his sculpts. It amazes me how close he got to the original, and how much character he gave it himself. It shows what a true artist this guy really is.

Sebastian's Immortal Game

(Thanks, Andy!)