Bomb found in home of guy who shot self in head turns out to be fake prop


Via the BB Submitterator, Yoshua says:

Man commits suicide to be discovered by trick-or-treaters. Family cleans out dead guy's trailer home and finds fake bomb. Police close down the whole block. The photo reveals it to be an old gag prop, and not particularly convincing.

Above, a photo of said prop. The kids trick-or-treating at the home thought the dead guy with gunshot wounds to the head was some kind of totally realistic Hallowe'en prop. From today's article about the "bomb," now presumed to have been left in his trailer by one of the 68-year-old man's grandkids:

"As the family was clearing out the trailer, they found a kid's toy that looked like a stick of dynamite," Lewisberry Fire Chief Travis Fuhrman said. He added, "they called in what we would consider the cavalry."

Fake bomb found in home of man whose body was found by trick-or-treaters (Patriot-News)