We Won't Fly: national aviation opt-out day in protest of TSA porno scanner/genital grope "security"

ExiledSurfer sez, "In support of NATIONAL OPT OUT DAY on NOVEMBER 24th, this is a website dedicated to people who decide to opt out of the TSA scanning procedures, with advice how to do it, what you can expect, and a place to tell your stories. A website dedicated to civil disobedience."

The Plan is Simple

1. If you absolutely, positively must fly, opt out of the scanners. Do it to protect your health and privacy.
2. If you can avoid flying, don't fly. Hit the airlines in the pocketbook until the scanners and gropers are gone. Make the airlines work for us.
3. Raise holy hell. Register your disapproval of the scanners and gropers to your airline, your hotel and all government officials who claim to work for you. Educate your community.

Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy – We Won't Fly.com

(Thanks, ExiledSurfer, via Submitterator!)