Al Gore, Dean Kamen, Sally Ride, and MythBusters' Jamie and Adam in global online town hall for math/science education on Wed. Nov 17


Interesting internet person Jeff Simmermon, who by day works for Time Warner Cable and also does other stuff we've blogged about here on Boing Boing, alerts us to an event Time Warner Cable's "Connect a Million Minds" project is hosting this Wednesday, November 17:

"A global online town hall hosted by Al Gore; Dean Kamen, Sally Ride and now Discovery Channel's MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will explore attitudes among American youth toward math and science, and discuss how to inspire and motivate them so they will be successful in a competitive global marketplace."

Details on how you can watch and/or participate here.
(Via the Boing Boing Submitterator)