80 gigapixel London panorama

Jeffrey from 360Cities sez, "I spent 3 days shooting, and 6 weeks stitching and editing this 80 gigapixel, fully spherical panoramic photo. Now it's up.

Ok, another big boring photo? NO. This one is cool, provocative, and fun.

We've prepared the main page in 12 languages (4 today, 8 more to come)

You can open the map and click to go to different landmarks. You can click 'take a tour' and sit back to watch yourself fly over the roofs to various random unknown places in the city.

Most exciting of all, we're having 3 competitions – no lotteries or sweepstakes, but feats of skill and cunning! The first two are treasure hunts – find the clues, and be the first to send in the answers.

The third competition is something new – I don't think anyone has done this before and I'm really excited about it: it's a storytelling competition. Using this image itself as the canvas, you'll be able to make a kind of panning, zooming cinematic tour of the city, with your own words overlaid on the image. We have holiday prizes (room nights and tours in various awesome places in the world) for the best stories."

London World Record Panoramic Photo: See Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more than you can imagine.

(Thanks, Jeffrey!)