Lad tricks bully into drinking urine, needs advice

A Redditor is seeking advice for a young friend-of-a-friend who, tired of having his Mountain Dew stolen by a bully, filled the MD bottle in his backpack with urine and then watched in delight as the bully greedily helped himself to a big bottle of piss. Now the enterprising young fellow has become embroiled with his local constabulary.

Fed up with this and being a cunning lad, last Tuesday Todd drinks the mountain dew before class, and pisses in the bottle. Brian drank the piss, shat brix, and Todd emerged the victor that day.

Now, Brian's family is threating to sue, claiming Todd endangered Brian's health. Todd's family is apparently shitting and scrambling to collect character references for Todd from teachers, letters from doctors saying urine isn't harmful, and generally thinking their son is a psycho.

I applaud Todd and think that he should walk into court holding a bottle of piss, it's freedom of expression, some people like piss filled bottles, but IANAL.

A relative of a close friend helped a school bully drink piss, and now the family is suing. Is he liable?

(Image: German Mountain Dew, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from like_the_grand_canyon's photostream)