Judge John Hodgman: the podcast

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Only three episodes of the Judge John Hodgman podcast have been produced, but I know that it's going to be one of my favorites (along with the New Yorker Fiction podcast and The Sound of Young America show).

The format is your basic "judge" show: two people have a beef of some kind to settle, and it is up to Judge Hodgman to decide who is right and who is wrong. Jesse Thorn, the host of The Sound of Young America, not only produces this podcast, he also serves as Judge Hodgman's petty, irresponsible, and questionably sober bailiff. Judge Hodgman is blisteringly funny, but doesn't shirk from his responsibilities. He really does ask pertinent questions, and takes the job seriously. So far I have agreed with every one of his decisions.

The three cases so far:

Two friends dispute whether machine guns are robots.

Judge Hodgman decides whether chili is a soup or a stew.

Judge Hodgman settles a marital dispute: should the kitchen sink dispense dish soap or hand soap?

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