A Linch Pin Droid: New Alamo Drafthouse/Mondo Star Wars print by Kevin Tong



This week, Alamo Drafthouse's Mondo shop releases a sweet new Star Wars poster: an exploded view of R2-D2 from artist Kevin Tong, titled "A Linch Pin Droid".

Kevin shares more on the inspiration and the creative process behind this piece on his blog with video and "making of" images.

The poster goes on sale on Friday, 11/26. Follow @MondoNews for the exact time on Friday. Print is 24" X 36"; 5 colors, GID and Metallic, edition of 400.

Kevin says, "For this print, I made certain that I stayed true to the original Trilogy and spent months watching and pausing it. Although this print is largely technical, I was hoping that by showing R2D2's individual tools and components all spread out, people can reflect on the moments in the Trilogy where he used those devices to save the day and the galaxy."

Feast your eyes on the larger size, below…