Pocket Chain Saw

pocket chain saw.jpeg
This little saw is excellent, fast cutting, light weight (at 3 oz without the case), and folds up small making it highly portable. It can quickly saw branches and trees up to about 4-6 inches in diameter with its 28 inch long chain.

To use it, wrap the chain around whatever you want to cut and then grab the handles and pull back and forth. This flexibility means that it can take on logs and branches too thick for smaller camp saws. I've used it in the back country as well as around the yard.

When one of the metal loops that attached the saw to the handles came apart at the weld point the company very quickly responded by sending me a new set of loops. It's an excellent product supported by a conscientious and responsive company.

[Note: An even lighter weight military model can be purchased here.–OH]

–Jaime Cobb

Supreme Products Pocket Chain Saw

Check out a video of one in action after the jump.

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