And now, the floor-cleaning shoe

Foki.jpgToday's Kooky Koncept Design is the Foki, a "Floor Cleaner Shoe" from Adika Titut Triyugo of Institute of Technology Bandung in Indonesia. The rechargeable Foki has tiny cleaning devices on its soles and an LED readout topside to display information on cleanliness level and battery status. The Fiko is intended, Triyugo says, for people who "have to do multiple activities in one moment." It's an ingenious idea. But despite the delightful prospect of skimming across my hardwood floors on rotary brushes, busting dust while "The Skater's Waltz" plays, I have to wonder of Triyugo hasn't misread the market for a rechargeable floor-cleaning shoe. Aren't the people who would most benefit from a device like this — your slovenly, your lazy, your easily distracted — the ones least likely to get up and move around at all? I know I am. (Via PSFK.)