Fate of Spain's Internet/copyright law depends on El Pais releasing relevant Wikileaks cables NOW

Spain's El Pais newspaper is in possession of 115 Wikileaks intercepts that have been tagged as relating to "Intellectual Property." These likely relate to Spain's new copyright law, which the country was pressured into passing through its trade negotiations with the USA. The law is being put to a vote this month, and release of these cables would likely have a major impact on the outcome of the vote; however, El Pais has indicated that it has no intention of prioritizing these cables, even if that means that material that is directly germane to a vote on a major shift in Spanish law will not be revealed until it is too late. Javier de la Cueva of the Spanish "Derecho de Internet" site is calling for a "Wikileaks leak," asking for someone to release these cables before his government commits itself to a disastrous and extreme course of action.

We need urgently those 115 cables tagged KIPR Madrid Embassy

(Thanks, Javier!)