The Decemberists and Polaroid

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Earlier today, Mark posted about the Impossible Project's refurbished Polaroids and new instant film for the cameras. The Impossible Project has also teamed up with rock photographer Autumn de Wilde and the excellent indie folk/rock group The Decemberists on the band's magnificent new album package. The deluxe box Edition of "The King Is Dead" contains an original Polaroid photo that de Wilde shot around the farm/recording studio where the band made the record and her own home of Los Angeles. Sneak previews above. De Wilde is best known for her photographic tribute books to Elliot Smith, The White Stripes, and Death Cab For Cutie. The box also holds a hardcover book of de Wilde's photos and illustrations by Carson Ellis, a limited edition Ellis print, the recording on 180 gram white vinyl, and other goodies. There are only 2500 available and they're $165/each.
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