Deluxe Cannibal Girls DVD with cleaver and apron!

The new deluxe box-set of Cannibal Girls (an early Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters)/Dan Goldberg (The Hangover) b+movie starring SCTV almuni Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin) comes with a cleaver and apron for extra cannibal fun:

Having collaborated on several projects together while both were students at McMaster university, director IVAN REITMAN (Ghostbusters) and producer DANIEL GOLDBERG (The Hangover) wound up creating one of the most revered Canuxploitation films of the 1970s. And to complete the experience we've also unearthed the infamous "WARNING BELL!" audio track which was originally added by the titan of B-Movie distributors AIP for the film's uS theatrical run.

Cannibal Girls

(Thanks, Ron!)