Refurbed Polaroid cameras from Photojojo and the Impossible Project


The folks at The Impossible Project, which successfully took on the admirable task of making instant film for Polaroid cameras after Polaroid went out of business, have teamed up with Photojojo to sell refurbished Polaroid cameras,

The Original SX-70, The Rainbow OneStep, and The Sun 660 Sonar represent nearly two decades of Polaroid innovations spanning from 1972-1990. Each one rescued from dusty shelves and bleak basements, hand-inspected and re-tooled to perfect working order, polished like new.

They come in a Limited Edition Photojojo + Impossible Project box set and we've only got just a few dozen of each. So once they're gone, you'll just have to man up like Mr. Land and invent one yourself!

Limited Edition Polaroid Cameras