California's safety codes are now open source!

Rogue archivist Carl Malamud sez,

Public.Resource.Org is pleased to announce that the public safety codes of California are now open source. This was accomplished by purchasing (for $1100!!) the fire, electrical, plumbing, building, residential, mechanical and other public safety codes, scanning the paper, re-typing all text twice to ensure accuracy ("double-keying"), converting to HTML during the double-key process, and the programmatic and manual manipulation of the HTML to add additional markup.

This was all checked into Google Code, so you can use subversion to keep yourself up-to-date, the issue tracker to tell us about problems, and the Wiki to find opportunities to participate.

You can view the HTML docs here or you can view the code repository here.

Our hope is that the citizens of California, both geeks and those that work with the codes, will take this open source on and make these vital laws mean to improve public safety available to all.

Title 24, California Code of Regulations¶

(Thanks, Carl!)