In praise of (luridly) pink animals


This insect was photographed near Cancun by Rhett A. Butler. Its mesmerizing, hot pink polka dots have successfully taken over my brain. I'm not sure whether it wants me to eat it, or leave it alone. But I am happy to serve.

While I await instructions from my new pink overlord, I'm trying to list off all the other ridiculously pink creatures I've run across in the news lately. There are bubble-gum colored dolphins—some of them actually albinos, while others are simply adolescents on their way to becoming white dolphins.

Then there's the worms that live on icy, underwater deposits of methane crystals. They're neat.

More obviously, you've got your flamingos, who get their color from the beta carotene in their prawn-heavy diets.

Pigs, I guess, count. Sort of. But I'm not going to get excited about every hairless, peach-skinned beastie that comes along. What am I leaving out? Any other great, luridly pink creatures out there?