Judge doubles bail for band members who blocked freeway as a stunt

I'm obsessed with news about the The Imperial Stars, the self-described "hard core hip hop band" from Orange County who jammed the 101 freeway in Hollywood for hours to play a set of their songs atop a truck parked across three lanes. Their stunt wasted millions of dollars of people's time and money. (For a taste of these gentlemen's music, watch the video above. The fake adoring audience is a great touch!).

Today, the trio appeared in court to plead innocent to charges of conspiracy, resisting, obstructing or delaying police, creating a public nuisance, and false imprisonment. Their attorney, Roger Rosen, asked that their bail be kept at $10,000, but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Henry J. Hall instead doubled it to $20,000.

The judge — who said he thought "what happened was not particularly funny" — told Rosen to warn his clients that there would be "absolutely hideous results of any similar behavior."

3 band members charged in massive freeway traffic jam