OK Go! and Universal Subtitles launch Translation Party!

OK Go! have teamed up with the Universal Subtitles project for a translation party — use the free, open, flexible Universal Subtitles tool to subtitle the band's videos in as many languages as possible, as a way of raising interest in adding subtitles to all the Web's video. Universal Subtitles uses cool HTML5 and Javascript stuff to overlay captions on practically any online video, regardless of where it's hosted; it's a boon to translators who want to share culture beyond one language, and also great for assistive captioning and, of course, Downfall-style parody videos. It's a project of the nonprofit Participatory Culture Foundation, who are also behind the Miro open video player.

Translation Party: OK Go! « Universal Subtitles

(Thanks, Nicholas!)

(Disclosure: I'm proud to serve as a volunteer board member for the Participatory Culture Foundation)