Wonderful news from the OpenVizsla project

Last month, I blogged about OpenVizsla, a Kickstarter project aimed at raising funds to create an open, hackable USB protocol sniffer (a great boon to reverse engineers trying to write libraries for proprietary music players, cameras, game peripherals, etc). Now, Pytey, one of the project's founders, writes:

A quick update on bushing and pytey's OpenVizsla open-source USB sniffer and all-around hack gadget project. We have raised a whopping 313% of our initial target ($54,813) and we have shown a sneak peek of the board design here. We have 4 days left of the Kickstarter project, so if you want to get in on the action do it SOON! P

Pytey tells me that Boing Boing readers have been especially generous — thank you all!


(Thanks, pytey!)