Papa Sangre: binaural video game with no video

Paul Bennun from Somethin' Else sez, "We just released Papa Sangre, the video game with no video. Backed by Channel 4 in the UK, it's not the first audio game or first game with binaural audio in it, but it is the first game with an entire world generated on the fly using 3d, binaural sound. Amazing combo of tech and art. Yes, I am biased. But. We are incredibly proud.Response has been incredible, just amazing, especially from blind people (unsurprisingly)."

Entering the Palace of Bones from Papa Sangre on Vimeo.

You are lost, deep in the darkness of the land of the dead. Your eyes are useless to you here — but your ears are filled with sound. And what is it you can hear … ?

All you know is someone is in grave danger and desperately needs your help. Can you save them and make your escape or will you be trapped in the blackness forever?

You're in Papa Sangre's palace. His palace is in an afterlife that takes the form of a malevolent, unpredictable carnival: imagine a Mexican graveyard on the Day of the Dead — with the lights off. You're the piƱata for a host of partying monsters. They probably look a lot worse than they sound. You should count yourself lucky it's too dark to see them.

Get out. Save the one you love. Do the right thing.

Papa Sangre

(Thanks, Paul!)