To do tonight in LA: WikiLeaks Wednesday at CRASH Space

wikileaks.jpgTonight, at 8PM, the Los Angeles hackerspace CRASH Space (of which I'm a member) will be hosting the first WikiLeaks Wednesday. This will be part symposium, part round table discussion, part open forum. Anyone interested in this topic who wants to talk about it or ask questions about it in person, to others who are also interested and possibly more familiar with some aspects of the issues, should come out. If you think Wikipedia is the same thing as WikiLeaks and they both hate Mastercard and the guy behind it all is already in jail for it, then you should definitely come out. This event is open to the public, but space is limited so if you want a seat inside (away from the rain), get there early. It may be live streamed as well, stay tuned to the space's twitter stream for updates.

CRASH Space is located at 10526 Venice Blvd, in Culver City, CA 90232. Admission is free but donations of $10 are encouraged as CRASH Space is entirely membership/donation funded and relies on the support of visitors to keep the doors open.