Top iPhone indie game devs partner for charity-driven IndieSale


In other holiday charity game bundle news: six indie developers are also working together on the IndieSale, a week-long price drop on truly the best original games on the App Store: Canabalt, Eliss, Drop7, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Osmos and Solipskier.

While they can't quite bundle themselves in the same way as the Humble Indie Bundle, what they have done is collectively dropped their prices to 99 cents for the week, and are tracking sales to donate a full third of the proceeds to the Child's Play charity.

Like the Humble Bundle, though, they've also added a number of freebie ringtones, soundtracks, wallpapers and extras as incentives, and Canabalt developer Semi Secret, at least, is promising new features for the game if the group can raise at least $10,000.

To take part, visit IndieSale, or use the App Store links below to get each game (all of which are wholly worthy of collecting-them-all):

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Indie iPhone Holiday Sale