I get better spam than you

Posted here, verbatim, is an example of the sort of spam I get.


I am China dinosaur factory .Hope that you know our product more .Also hope that we can establish long-term cooperative relation.


User Manual

1. Examine all the interfaces.

2. Connected to the 220V AC power when all interfaces ready, turn the power switch and then products start to work.

3. There is an infrared sensors in the control box, it will going to standby when nobody come by after a regular working. When someone approach the infrared sensor, products will start to work—-make sound and movements.

4. Please check and maintenance products on a regular time to ensure it can work normally.
Maintenance Steps

1. Machine does not work.

a. Make sure the voltage, motor voltage, single-chip voltage work well
b. Make sure single-chip works well)
c. When voltage works well, check whether the infrared sensors works well

2. When lack of several action/movements
a. First check whether the corresponding fuse works well.
b. Check whether corresponding output voltage works well
c. If no sound, check whether the positive, Amplifier works well: Whether chip of record voice 1760 of the 5V voltage work well and check the external circuit.

The video was attached to the email as a giant .wmv file.