Jim Woodring's giant ink pen unveiled

woodring-demos-his-giant-pen.jpgOur pal and frequent guest blogger Glenn Fleishman attended the unveiling ceremony of Jim Woodring's 7 foot tall ink pen. Glenn provided this brief account of the event:

It was a hoot.The experiment was a mixed success. Jim was pretty game: he wanted to share the agony and ecstasy of the first time. Control is difficult, and he'll need to mess with ink formulations more. Over a couple hours, he clearly mastered it, but the pen body weighs 25 pounds — it's a real load.

I drew with it! He was asking us to ask questions while he was working, and I asked him something and he offered the pen. I took it! Very fun. Jim seemed pretty relaxed despite saying how miserable he was to have put himself in such conditions! Very happy to answer questions from everyone.

Don't miss Glenn's other photographs of the Nibbus Maximus event, which Glenn posted on his Flickr stream.