HOWTO make an ultra-gross melting-head cake

Barbara Jo made this brilliant severed head cake whose flesh was designed to melt off during the course of a party, in grisly fashion, revealing a skull beneath. She used whipped-cream icing over a molded royal icing skull, and garnished it with cordial cherry eyeballs. The whole thing was frozen and airbrushed, with cotton-candy hair, then set out under a heat-lamp when the guests arrived: "I brought her out and set her on the hotplate, turned on the heat lamp on one side and the 200 watt bulb on the other and . . . her flesh started to melt! And, because I only had one heat lamp, at first only the left side of her face melted. Which was incredibly cool looking! She ended up with one side of her face still solid and the other melted all the way to the skull. The heat lamp even toasted the melted icing a bit at the closest point, so it looked like the skull had been cooked."

Melting Head Cake

(via Neatorama)