Trundle Manor, Pennsylvania cabinet of curiosity

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Trundle Manor is a private wunderkammer in Swissvale, Pennsylvania that was recently opened to the public. It's the home of collector Anton Miriello and, as such, you must make an appointment to visit. Over at Odd Things I've Seen, JW Ocker reports from his tour:

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We met our hosts just as evening was falling. They were both in their twenties, but sported outfits that were decades to a century too old for them. He had a handlebar moustache and a waistcoat. She wore leopard print heels at one end and a choker at the other. Both seemed equally excited about showing us the bits of dead animals that they had strewn about their home…

The collection is pretty far-ranging, but definite themes, or sub-collections, are instantly recognizable. One of the first we noticed was the taxidermy. And that's because they have a stuffed black bear in a top hat on their dining room table large enough to make eating off said table awkward. Or at least difficult. Although relating the boring events of your workday to each other is probably a lot more fun through a bear's crotch.

While he was showing us around his collection, Mr. ARM let out a "Whoa. Cool!" at one point at the sight of a simple taxidermied squirrel set nearby. Thinking that was supposed to be my line, I said as much. He responded. "This wasn't here when I left this morning." His girlfriend then informed him that a six-year-old neighbor had brought it to them earlier that day.

"Trundle Manor"