Housewife's LSD trip, 1956: Harvard Psychedelic Club

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Over at Huffington Post, author Don Lattin posts this wonderful archival video clip, and explains:

Here's some rare footage of an experimental LSD session that I came across doing research for my next book, a group biography of British writer Aldous Huxley, philosopher Gerald Heard, and Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. It's from a television program, circa 1956, about mental health issues. The researcher, Dr. Sidney Cohen, was dosing volunteers at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Los Angeles

Go read the rest of the post. I love the part where the subject is having a transcendental realization, and a lab-coated Cohen asks her if she felt like she felt like there were no "inside," if she felt like she were instead one with everything. She replies, more or less, "well I would be if you weren't here."

Then, as she descends further: "Everything is alive. This is reality. I wish you could see it. I wish I could talk in technicolor."

Don Lattin's book: "The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age for America"

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