Someone is paying more than $400 for leftover Apollo mission pot roast


A packet of freeze-dried beef pot roast from the Apollo program is up for auction, and the price is currently $472. $520 if you want to bid in.

Good's Nicola Twilley notes some important facts about the Apollo food program that make this pot roast even less appetizing than it looks.

1. Inflight food consumption proved inadequate to maintain nutritional balance and body weight.

2. Inflight nausea, anorexia, and undesirable physiological responses experienced by some crewmen were believed to be partly attributable to the foods.

3. Meal preparation and consumption required too much crew time and effort.

4. Water for reconstitution of dehydrated foods was unpalatable initially and contained undesirable amounts of dissolved gases.

5. Functional failures occurred in the rehydratable food packages in the early Apollo flights.