Douglas Adams' online encylopedia tries to buy itself back from the BBC

H2G2, the online encylopedia founded by Douglas Adams and sold to the BBC, is now set to be shut down by the Beeb, which is slashing its online spending. The community — many of whom predate the BBC acquisition — are attempting to raise the money to buy themselves back from the BBC.

I love h2g2, it's where I met my best friends, it's where I met my wife. I want to keep it. The BBC want to 'dispose' of it, we can't persuade them to change their mind. But we could buy it, between us. I have a dream, and I think we can do it. Join our google group, subscribe to our google group this page, find out more..

The H2G2 Community, owned and run by the H2G2 Community

If a group of us get together and put a reasonable proposal for the site I think we could take it on and make a success of it. We'd have to try and migrate the whole thing to a new server. Maybe with the web address We'd be funded by donations, and if that won't pay the bills we'll may have to small amounts of advertising. We won't have any full time staff members, but we'll have volunteers, and with all the volunteer schemes together that'll be enough to keep it running. The Scouts and the Sub Eds could keep the Guide running on their own. We could have elections for the posts that have the power that the italics used to have.

H2G2 Community Consortium – We need you! to help Save h2g2

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