McLuhan centennial site: non-quotable quips from an eminently quotable fellow

David Weinberger sez, "As a gift on the centenary of his birth, a site has gone up featuring brief clips of Marshall McLuhan explaining his key ideas and catch phrases. Some are still pretty obscure, but some are on the nose 30 years ahead of when the nose appeared. For example, check out his confident assertion that books will become personalized services."

Alas, there's no obvious way to embed this video, which seems like a huge oversight if the intention of the site is to invigorate debate about McLuhan's ideas -- creating a site that has no way to directly include and quote McLuhan's words in those discussions!

MARSHALL McLUHAN SPEAKS (Thanks, DavidJoho, via Submitterator!)  Marshall McLuhan's playing cards - Boing Boing Happy birthday, Marshall McLuhan! - Boing Boing Boing Boing/Imaginary Foundation/Marshall McLuhan t-shirt - Boing ... McLuhan's "Medium Is The Massage" LP - Boing Boing If McLuhan Were Alive - Boing Boing Read the rest

Mexican drug smugglers catapult weed over border fence into US

A remote video surveillance system captured drug smugglers using a catapult to launch packages of pot over the Mexico/US border. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, US National Guard troops coordinated with Mexican authorities to halt the operation.

Video and story at local TV station KVOA, Tucson, Arizona. Read the rest

I choose you, coca chew! (photo gallery)

In Bolivia, indigenous activists have been maintaining a massive coca-leaf-chewing vigil as part of a protest against an international ban on the traditional practice.

Hundreds of people chewed the leaf outside the US embassy in La Paz and in other cities across the country. Bolivia wants to amend a UN drugs treaty that bans chewing coca, which is an ancient tradition in the Andes. But the US has said it will veto the amendment because coca is also the raw material for making cocaine.
BBC News.

Photographs, above and below: Indigenous (Aymara) coca growers chewing coca and offering it to armed soldiers during a "Dia Nacional del Pijcheo de hoja de Coca" (National Coca Leaf Chewing Day), a rally to promote the chewing of coca leaves and its industrialization. The event took place in front of the U.S. embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, on January 26, 2011. Bolivia is the third largest producer of coca leaves in the world. (REUTERS/David Mercado)

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Announcing Make Live -- 6pm PST today, 1/26/2011

Don't miss the premiere of Make: Live, the new streaming show and tell from MAKE. Join hosts Becky Stern and Matt Richardson as we explore the Arduino revolution in this inaugural episode. Guests Steve Hoefer and Collin Cunningham will show us their Arduino projects and take your questions. Please join us in the UStream chat or mark tweets with #makelive to interact live with the show.

Announcing Make Live -- 6pm PST today, 1/26/2011 Read the rest

Housekeeping: How to submit stuff to Boing Boing

Found something awesome on the net? Made something awesome on the net? There are three ways to submit it to Boing Boing! 1: Add it to our Submitterator. This is the single best way to get our attention! It's the first place we look and public discussion and voting pushes items to the top of the queue. 2: If it's a photo or an image, you can add it to our Flickr pool. 3: You can submit things privately through this form. While stuff sent @boingboing on Twitter might get spotted, please do not send submissions via personal email or Twitter accounts! Every time you do this, a sniper takes out a unicorn. (Illustration by the awesomely talented Nick Foster.) Read the rest

Ted Haggard: I'm Probably What The Kids Call "Bisexual"

Megachurch founder Rev. Ted Haggard is profiled in the new GQ (read the full profile here). Talking Points Memo includes some of the more memorable quotes from the man who once chased our current guest blogger Richard Dawkins off his church grounds.
About former meth dealer and escort Mike Jones, Haggard says: "We never had sex sex. I bought drugs and a massage from him, and he masturbated me at the end of it. That's it."

He admitted to buying drugs "five or six times" from Jones, but adds: "Sometimes I'd throw it away. Other times, I'd go someplace and masturbate and use it. But it was for masturbation. And that's one of the reasons why I haven't been real clear. I don't want to stand up publicly and say, 'Hey, I'm a masturbation guy!"

"You know, that's really the core issue here," he added. "I bought the drugs to enhance masturbation. Because what crystal meth does--Mike taught me this--crystal meth makes it so you don't ejaculate soon. So you can watch porn and masturbate for a long time."

The Last Temptation of Ted (Thanks, Jason Tester!) Read the rest

Free MP3 from Paul Collins' new album

Paul Collins (from The Beat) has a new album out (with a cover by William Stout!) called King of Power Pop! and you can download an MP3 of one of the songs ("Do You Wanna Love me?".

Paul Collins Beat | Buy King of Power Pop! on Amazon Read the rest

Excellent Steampunk Cat Helmet is Excellent

"Hugo Helmet by *Diarment," on DeviantArt. (Thanks, Tara McGinley) Read the rest

Georgia pastor supports carrying guns in places of worship

Dear member of the media,

Today, Georgia Gun Owners received a video from Pastor James Brown, Jr., of Barnesville, Georgia, expressing his support for, and calling on others to support H.B. 54, a bill that would restore the right of individuals to defend themselves and their families in places of worship in Georgia.

I have uploaded the video for your convenience.

Best regards,

Ashley Rodriguez Press Secretary Georgia Gun Owners

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Video of weapons from Badass Lego Guns

Here's a video showing how the weapons from the Badass Lego Guns book (mentioned here) work. Read the rest

Beware Dangerism! book by Geyver Tulley about hazards of mollycoddling kids

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) announced that they have launched TED books. One of the first books is Beware Dangerism! by my friend and Make magazine contributor Gever Tully.
If you're over 30, you probably walked to school, played on the monkeybars, learned to high-dive at the public pool. If you're younger, it's unlikely you did any of these things. Has the world become that much more dangerous? Statistically, not at all. But our society has created pervasive fears around letting kids be independent and take risks -- and the consequences for our kids are serious. Gever Tulley, the co-author of 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do, takes on these media-inflated fears -- which he calls "dangerism" -- with surprising statistics and insights into the nature of fear and risk.

Beware Dangerism! | Introducing TED Books Read the rest

Video tour of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco

KQED-PBS's QUEST visited San Francisco hackerspace Noisebridge, co-founded by virtual reality pioneer Mitch Altman, who is best known today as the brain behind TV-B-Gone. "Science on the SPOT: Open Source Creativity - Hackerspaces" Read the rest

MAKE presents: The Multimeter

Make's inimitable Collin Cunningham made this video to show how to use a digital multimeter.
The ability to test resistance, voltage, current & continuity are vital to any electronics maker - even the freshest of newbies. In fact, having a reliable multimeter on hand is a huge help when learning the basics. Even before understanding what each value means, you'll be able to establish reference points for applying each new concepts and troubleshooting experiments.
MAKE presents: The Multimeter Read the rest

Video about all the cool stuff House Industries does

The geniuses at House Industries, known primarily for their sublime type design, created this video to show everything else they do: graphic design, illustration, product design, and furniture design.

Cue up a kaleidoscope of House Industries techniques, substrates, disciplines and muscle memory compressed into high-definition pixels and actively matrixed through modulated electroluminescence with an audio lesson from The Bird and The Bee. Many thanks to Inara George and Greg Kurstin for loaning us their Polite Dance Song (under license from EMI). The House Industries trailer is directed by Andy Cruz and filmed by Carlos Alejandro.
House Industries: The Trailer Read the rest

Guestblogger signing off!

I am signing off as a BB guest blogger. It has been a great deal of fun to post here occasionally and I was very happy to contribute to a site I have been reading for years. Thanks to all the BB editors who write articles provoking thoughts, laughter, and outrage. Particular thanks to Rob Beschizza for helping me craft my pieces and providing excellent layout work on a number of features. I will still be a not-so-mild-mannered professor and continue my work with CAPL to provide free, high quality, authentic images for the foreign language teaching community. Most of all, I would like to acknowledge to support of my family of three amazing kids and my smokin' hot wife Christy. She is also a foreign language professor and I have never met someone who is simultaneously so intelligent and kind hearted. Much of my work owes a great deal to her support and critical eye. Sláinte! Read the rest

London Shard spire nearing completion

The tallest skyscraper in London (and all the République fédérale de l'Europe) is taking shape and turning heads. Shard London Bridge will have 72 floors, be clad entirely in glass, and be finished by 2012. Though not yet topped out, it already dwarfs London's previously-tallest building, One Canada Square. Also being built in London is the Bishopsgate Tower, which eschews the "Science Fiction Pyramid" style for a weirder "Helter Skelter of Doom" motif, though it is still not as weird as the small but perfectly-formed "Space Gherkin" it overlooks. Official site [via Gizmodo and Core77] Read the rest

Boy uses Creed to fend off wolves

Walter Ekrem, 13, was confronted by a pack of wolves on the way home from school in Rakkestad, Norway. Remembering that one should try to scare the animals rather than run, he yelled, waved his arms, and cranked up some Creed on his mobile phone. From Spiegel Online:
"The worst thing you can do is run away because doing so just invites the wolves to chase you down," Walter told TV2. "But I was so afraid that I couldn't even run away if I'd wanted to."

Eikrem said he was able to drive away the wolves by playing the song "Overcome" by the American hard-rock band Creed. "They didn't really get scared," Walter said. "They just turned around and simply trotted away."

"Norwegian Boy Fends Off Wolf Pack with Heavy Metal"

Also worth noting is that Bang Showbiz reports the same story, but in their version the boy's last name is Acre and the band he played is (the much better) Megadeth. Read the rest

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