Beware Dangerism! book by Geyver Tulley about hazards of mollycoddling kids


TED (Technology Entertainment Design) announced that they have launched TED books. One of the first books is Beware Dangerism! by my friend and Make magazine contributor Gever Tully.

If you're over 30, you probably walked to school, played on the monkeybars, learned to high-dive at the public pool. If you're younger, it's unlikely you did any of these things. Has the world become that much more dangerous? Statistically, not at all. But our society has created pervasive fears around letting kids be independent and take risks — and the consequences for our kids are serious. Gever Tulley, the co-author of 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do, takes on these media-inflated fears — which he calls "dangerism" — with surprising statistics and insights into the nature of fear and risk.

Beware Dangerism! | Introducing TED Books