HOWTO be a well-dressed office dude

This Ask Reddit thread on buying inexpensive, durable dressy men's work clothes is the epitome of great online community in action: the collective advice proffered is funny, good, and well-ranked. It almost makes me wish I still had a job where I was expected to put on a tie now and again.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, all those fly ass bankers wearing their fancy, pressed suits, and colorful ties and shit? They all have one thing in common. Brooks Brothers Non-Iron fitted shirts. No lie, these are the most fucking amazing shirts on the motherfucking planet. You can get 3 for 200 bucks, and often Brooks brothers has like 30% off sales. THIS is the shirt you need. You can literally crumple these bitches up, throw them in your backpack, take them out, put them on, and within like 10 minutes, they will look like you got them pressed by a butler wearing a monocle. Once you start buying their non-iron shirts, you won't ever buy any other kind. EVER. Fuck ironing, you know what I do? I go take the time and money that I would have spent on buying and ironing expensive ass shirts, and I go blow it on video games. Wisdom.

I'm a man and need nice work clothes. WTF do I do?

(Image: The Weejun)