All of Pearl River Delta to be amalgamated into a 42-million-person megacity

The Chinese government has announced plans to amalgamate the nine major cities in the Pearl River Delta (home to a manufacturing-driven economic boom) into a single city with a population of 42 million people (more than Argentina, the world's 32nd largest country), occupying an area twice the size of Wales. The "Turn The Pearl River Delta Into One" will link all of these centers by high-speed rail links that will put every point in the new megacity within an hour's journey of every other point.

The idea is to merge all nine cities around the Pearl River Delta (under the aptly-named plan, "Turn The Pearl River Delta Into One") and connect them via power and water, telecommunications networks and 29 new rail lines.

That includes the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, which are the second and third largest cities in China, with populations of 11.7 million and 8.9 million, respectively.

This new city hasn't been named yet, but we think Kung Wow That's A Lot Of People is fitting.

China Plans To Create The World's Largest City

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(Image: Pearl_River_Delta_Area, Croquant/Wikimedia Commons)