Fantastic 2.5 minute documentary about motorcycle maker Shinya Kimura

Shinya Kimura's scratch built motorcycles are beautiful, and this short video profile, directed by Henrik Hansen and shot byAdam Richards, is very well made (it was was one of 5 films nominated for a 2010 Vimeo Award). I got the same feeling from watching this as I did from the short video about House Industries.

It was interesting hear Kimura say that he has never flown in a plane before! (UPDATE: He actually said he has never piloted a plane before. Thanks for the clarification, commenters!)

UPDATE: Eric Nakamura, publisher and co-editor of Giant Robot, says: "His bike that's featured in that film is showing currently in LA at a show I curated called Zen Garage."

Motorcycle maker Shinya Kimura (Via MAKE)