Kids' room Super Mario mural

Inspired by online photos of parents who'd redone their kids' rooms as massive, colorful Super Mario murals, Casey Fleser set out to do the same for his son's room, to excellent effect:

Each $50 pack of ThinkGeek decals look to have about 8 of the ground blocks in them. If I figured right, I need about 170 blocks. Or about $1,100 worth of decals. Even then I probably wouldn't be able to recreate my World 1-1 scene exactly. But what if I made my own decals? Maybe I could print my patterns on some clear labels and stick those on the walls? Even if the labels had been clear, the ink would have smeared unless I applied some sort of clear coat, so that idea was out. My next idea was to create masking templates using those same labels and go back to the painting idea.

It certainly wasn't going to be very fast, but the template idea worked pretty well. There were several of set backs, and several areas had to be painted freehand, but after about 3 weeks of work, we finally finished the room. It has a ton of mistakes (that I won't bother to point out), but all in all I think it turned out really well. Now if I can just avoid blurting out any more ridiculous ideas.

This Year's Stupid Idea

Super Mario Bros. Room (Flickr)

(Thanks, Webslog, via Submitterator!)