Makerbot's artist-in-residence

The homebrew 3D printing magnates at Makerbot (proprietors of the Thingiverse catalog of printable objects and the open Makerbot 3D printers) have just hired an artist-in-residence. Marius Watz is a sculptor, who says "My goal for my MakerBot residency is to produce a set of models for my upcoming exhibition at ROM for Kunst og Arkitektur in Oslo next month. As part of that process I will be developing a new Processing library for 3D model building, to be released as Open Source along with a series of models I'll publish on Thingiverse in the MakerBot spirit of openness. You can already get a preview on Flickr, I can't wait to add more!"

Makerbot have a second artist-in-residence lined up, and are open to submissions from future potential candidates for the post.

First MakerBot Artist-In-Residence: Marius Watz

(via Beyond the Beyond)