HP TouchPad enters fray


The fruits of HP and Palm's merger are finally coming, in the form of the HP TouchPad and two new touchscreen cellphones.

Out until later this year, the TouchPad has the same-size screen as an iPad (at the same 1024×768 resolution, too) and runs a new version of WebOS, the mobile operating system Palm developed to compete with Apple's iOS. It has a 1.2GHz dual core processor, a 1.3MP camera, and a similar look to its competitors. Engadget has video of it in action.

Also announced today was a new version of the Pre cellphone, now with a larger, 3.6" display, and the HP Veer, a remarkably small "pebble" smartphone that weighs just 103 grams. [Gizmodo]

There was an interesting surprise at HP's press conference, too: WebOS will also be made available for PCs. [Crunchgear]