Huckleberry Finn, the Robot Edition

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Much controversy of late over editing out the n-word from a forthcoming NewSouth Books edition of Mark Twain's classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Well, as Perry Michael Simon on Nerdist blog points out, someone's about to take that to the proverbial whole 'nother level:

See, someone's following up on NewSouth Books' intention to edit out the offending word by going one step further. And that step is… Robots.

Yes, robots. The plan by Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine is to replace "n-word" Jim with Robot Jim. "Statistically, people prefer robots to the word 'n-word,'" say the proponents of this audacious plan. "The word 'n-word' is ugly and pejorative. Robots are fun and cool… even when they're trying to take over our world! So we've decided to take the word 'n-word' out of Mark Twain's classic and replace it with 'robot.'" And they've commissioned an artist to alter the original illustrations to include the robot.

Where do you come in? Simple: They're raising money for a short print run of the robot-inflected "Huck Finn."

'Huckleberry Finn,' ROBOTIC EDITION