Tanzanian boy re-enacts "Commando," Schwarzenegger and all

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In the clip above, a 9-year-old movie buff named Alex in Tanzania re-enacts the 1985 schlock action flick Commando
—his favorite movie—shot for shot, Schwarzenegger and all.

This video is part of a series produced by Joe Sabia for the nonprofit organization Mama Hope's "Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential" campaign.

Joe shared this video with me to include in the current edition of Boing Boing Video's in-flight entertainment channel on Virgin America Airlines. Our current cycle just went live on their planes this week—and I swear, I've received more emails and tweets about this clip than anything else on the channel this month.

Mama Hope is a California-based nonprofit "focused on building self-sufficient communities in Sub-Saharan Africa." The organization teams up with locally-based organizations in those communities and invests in "high impact, cost effective projects that meet their fundamental needs for food, water, education and health care."

More on the thinking behind the video below, from Mama Hope's organizers:

Take the word "Africa." Without thinking, what images immediately come to mind? War? AIDS? Genocide? Or maybe the vision of a small child with a swollen belly, surrounded by flies? Too many non-profits ask for your pity by depicting poor, helpless Africans. But like any stereotype, this portrayal has more exceptions than truth.

Mama Hope feels it is time to re-humanize Africa and look to the positive change that is happening. We've had enough of the tragic impressions and abundance of sad, oppressive imagery that floods media outlets and non-profit campaigns. It's time to stop they pity and unlock the potential.

Through a series of thought provoking videos we hope to break the negative perception of Africa. We want you to see the courage, wit and potential of an incredible culture, people, and continent.

(thanks, Joe Sabia!)