Outsider cinema: Neil Breen, Vegas real estate magnate turned sci fi auteur

[I Am Here....Now (trailer) from Cinefamily]

Hadrian Belove of the Los Angeles-based cult cinema society Cinefamily shares the totally wack video above with Boing Boing, and explains:

One of our in-house guys cut a really hilarious trailer for Neil Breen's latest crazy fucking masterpiece of accidental weirdness. The trailer itself is hilarious. If you don't know him, writer/director/actor/caterer Neil Breen is a real estate agent in Las Vegas who self produces these indescribable movies, casting his friends from the biz...total outsider madness. This guy is so different he has four dots in his ellipses.

I'm getting a The Room meets Birdemic vibe here. But with more chicks and messianic aliens.

In "I am Here.... Now" (note the four dots!), Breen plays

A messianic alien Being angered at the greed and corruption of the human species, particularly our lack of renewable energy and environmental consciousness -- oh, and business-man crucifixions and time-stopped gang wars..and...well, as Neil put it himself, "This thought-provoking supernatural film is filled with surprising mystical metaphors, exciting twists....and a stunning dramatic conclusion."

Video link, more on Cinefamily's screening this Saturday in Los Angeles, and more on Breen.

"He'll be here in person on Saturday to answer all of our questions," adds Hadrian. "And we'll have some."

(I believe they're planning to film the Q&A, and if so, we'll post here on Boing Boing for those who can't make it to the event in person.)