BookArc laptop stand "speeds up" your computer


Twelvesouth makes the $39.99 BookArc, a MacBook Air stand that helps you keep your desk tidy when you want to hook it up to a keyboard, external display and so forth. The marketing literature makes an interesting point about its product,

Want to Speed Up Your MacBook Air? Try a BookArc. Really.

BookArc for MacBook Air is more than a beautifully designed stand for your Mac. If you work with an external monitor, BookArc can actually improve the performance of MacBook Air. How? When you work with two monitors, your Mac's video memory is split between the two, but when you work with your MacBook closed, your Mac only has to power the external display. ... Can a notebook stand really speed up your MacBook? If it's a BookArc, the answer is yes

Are they saying that because putting your laptop on their stand means that the lid will be closed, any performance improvements that result may be attributed to the stand? I do believe they are.

Other items that also offer this attractive feature include: a pile of small books; a baked turd with a laptop-sized groove chiseled in it; resting a kitten atop your already-closed laptop to prevent gusts of wind opening it and incurring a negligible drop in performance; and nearly every other laptop stand in the known universe.

UPDATE: There are excellent mockups of these hypothetical alternatives at Nice work!

BookArc [Amazon Link]