Urban farming family who trademarked "Urban Homesteading" accused of plagiarism

Remember the Dervaeses, the family from Pasadena, CA who decided to trademark "Urban Homestead," a term that has been in common use for decades? Well, a fellow by the name of Michael Nolan (co-author of a book called I Garden: Urban Style) says the Dervaes Family has been plagiarizing material from his website.

Under ordinary circumstances I might have chosen to contact the Dervaes Family and quietly attempt to settle the matter but given their penchant for threatening letters and frivolous trademark registrations as well as their reputation for being terribly difficult to deal with directly, I made the decision to bring this problem to the public so that everyone might see just what this family will do when they think no one is watching.

The evidence is pretty damning!

Bonus: Here's an interesting tid bit for people who like to catch hypocrites and for people who enjoy being apologists for hypocrites: a member of the Dervaes family recently wrote a schoolmarmish post about the naughtiness of plagiarism.

Michael Nolan: How the Dervaes Family Stole My Victory Garden ((Submitterated by badger510)