Nevada student charged with hacking in to school network, upgrading students' grades for cash

tyler_coyner.jpgA 19-year-old University of Nevada student in Nevada has been charged with hacking into his school district's computer system and improving his classmates' grades for a fee.

Local police say Tyler Coyner led a group of 13 students (most of whom were minors) who have all been charged with conspiracy, theft and computer intrusion. "Last year, Coyner somehow obtained a password to the Pahrump Valley High School's grade system and, over the course of two semesters, offered to change grades in return for cash payments."

Coyner is reported to have bumped his own grades so high (a 4.54 GPA) that he "was the salutatorian at his graduation, an honor given to the student with the second highest GPA in the school."

Cops raiding his dorm room also found a stolen LCD television set, and gear for printing fake driver's licenses. Not so smart after all.