The iPad 2's secret megapixels

ipad2.jpgJohn Gruber criticizes a mainstream media critic's efforts to find things wrong with the iPad 2, apparently so that his review would be more objective and balanced. Sure, it's an Apple fan finding fault with a critical perspective, but he points out a doozy: the writer, Walt Mossberg of the WSJ, couldn't report how many megapixels the tablet's camera shoots at because Apple wouldn't tell him.

"Mossberg has an iPad 2," Gruber wrote. "All he needs to do is snap a picture, transfer it to his Mac, look at the size, then multiply the width by height."

Access journalism does bad things to otherwise diligent writers. We end up lazy, no matter how much work we do.

Smarter criticism of the iPad 2's crap camera comes from Charlie Sorrel at Wired.